About Ezik

There are two cuts.
The first group are aware that they have lost.  They are the known losers.  They stay to themselves for they have lost.  They are harmless.  But we pity them because we see them inside each of us.  

The second group is the harmful losers.  They are unaware of their situation and behave in a way that disturbs  others. These people are harmful because they engage your brain, require you to stay away, and when they become aware of their oppression, they continue to repress it, even more aggressively, they attack.  We have them inside us as well.

Left to folly, we may become either cut.  The victim or the victimizer, sometimes fluxing between the two.  But when we engage with life, we become who we were meant to be.  The best way to engage in life is travel.  Experience.  Meet new people.  Open your heart and your mind.

Contact me: eziksozulk@hotmail.com

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